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Oh. The site died in 7 days of no posting. Got it. Ok. It probably means I’m in need of a new review. So here it is:

-saturday-afternoon-reviews: WORDPRESS..



PORTAL game cover redesign.

Maybe my old review wasn’t clear enough. Check out my redesign.

saturday afternoon reviews: JUST CAUSE

—- “What’s the point of his hair, anyway? I hate this game.”

–  “Why do you keep playing it then?”

—- “Just cause.”

–  “Not funny.”

—- “I know.”

“They should have asked the rights to Antonio Banderas.”

saturday-afternoon-reviews: DIE HARD 4

“I thought it was very realistic. Especially when Bruce Willis jumps out of the speeding car which hits another car to bounce fifty feet in the air destroying a police helicopter. Still, the movie was bad because I didn’t like it.”

-Note 1: “I recently discovered that the previous sentence might be a bit egoist or egocentric. I’ll still keep it since I trust you’ll understand I know better than you.”

-Note 2: “I most recently discovered this last sentence might be even more self-centered than the one of before. That means I’m getting good at this.”