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Oh. The site died in 7 days of no posting. Got it. Ok. It probably means I’m in need of a new review. So here it is:

-saturday-afternoon-reviews: WORDPRESS..



PORTAL game cover redesign.

Maybe my old review wasn’t clear enough. Check out my redesign.

saturday afternoon reviews: JUST CAUSE

—- “What’s the point of his hair, anyway? I hate this game.”

–  “Why do you keep playing it then?”

—- “Just cause.”

–  “Not funny.”

—- “I know.”

“They should have asked the rights to Antonio Banderas.”

saturday-afternoon-reviews: GRAND THEFT AUTO 4

“You know the parts in which your cousin invites you to go get drunk and you end up wandering around aimlessly and unstably just to be hit by multiple cars outside of the club?

I did that every night. Coolest game ever.”

saturday-afternoon-reviews: xbox 360 KINECT

“And I thought gamers were all lazy asses.”

saturday-afternoon-reviews: FINAL FANTASY 13

“I do not get square enix: did they name each game ‘final’ so you could get mad when they release the thirteenth one?”

saturday-afternoon-reviews: SNIPER: GHOST WARRIOR

“This game is a master piece.  Of crap.”